I need help big time

Hi. I hope someone can help me. I have no knowledge of building a website with html and have been using Web Page Maker for the past 5 years. Web Page Maker was awesome because it allows you to simply insert images and text and you can then freely move all around with your mouse and put them exactly where you want them. This has given me the artistic freedom of making my website look exactly how I want it to. I was also able to easily link images to either other wesites, my email or another page on my website. Well, all of the sudden, all but one of my pages is NOT showing. Only my Main Page works. It looks like I am going to have to start fro scratch and am thinking of using WordPress for my website now. Can someone take a look at my website pages and tell me if I will be able to get the same look I have now with WordPress? I am stressed big time over this.
Thank you for your help : )


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